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Oct 12

Cariboo-Thompson 2017 Election Results

  First Past the Post Results The five ridings in this table represent the Cariboo-Thompson region as defined in the 2015 BC Electoral Boundaries Commission report. By seat count, it’s 100% Liberal. But those five Liberals actually represent just over 50% of the voters in the region.   The remaining voters, just under 50%, got 0% of …

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Dec 31

A referendum is beside the point

The debate we should be having on electoral reform has been sidetracked by the question of whether a referendum is needed to approve a change to the voting system.  Proponents of the referendum make the principled claim that the voting system should not be the plaything of any political party, and should only be changed …

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Dec 03

Be Part Of The Strategy

  The Liberal Party campaign promise to “Make Every Vote Count” is very positive for the Fair Vote movement.  It’s a clear recognition of the core problem with our current winner-take-all voting system, which is that the outcome of our elections, i.e. parliament, is not a good representation of the true diversity of our opinion …

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Sep 10

Polls and Electoral Reform

There’s a new Insights West poll out today and it shows that Canadians are divided on the topic of proportional representation. It asked people whether they support a switch at the federal level to Party-List Proportional Representation (41% in favour, 34% opposed) or Single-Transferable Vote (37% in favour, 37% opposed). Here’s a few reasons why …

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