The Results are in!

We had an overwhelming response to the survey we sent out last month and we wanted to share with you what we’ve learned.

We had nearly 500 responses to our survey and it seems many of you are keen to get involved. Over all you are interested in four things:

1.  Media attention. Get into the media regularly. Get columnists on­ our side. Use social media.

2. Political campaigns. Get politicians to state their opinions on PR. Get them to commit to making changes.  Go to all candidates meetings and write letters.

3. Education. Talk to high school and university students.  Provide simple brochures that people can give to friends to explain what PR is.

4.  Humour. Several people mentioned that humour is a good way to engage the public.

What’s next? We’d like to begin by inviting you to our Meetup next week. It will be held at The Whip in Vancouver on May 28th at 7pm. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP on our Meetup page as spaces are limited. This is a casual event to meet and greet some of the leadership of Fair Vote Canada – Vancouver Chapter and discuss how to action all these great ideas.

If you’re unable to make it to the Meetup but are still interested in participating in our Fair Civic Election campaign, please visit our Volunteers page and let us know how you want to help. We will be in touch with you and will set you up with an action team.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! We are very excited to be working with you all!


Fair Vote Canada – Vancouver


Survey Results

Do you think we should:

Write a blog or op-ed for a newspaper

Conduct a public workshop on proportional representation

Sponsor an all candidates meeting

Host public info tables about PR

Visit candidates and get them to fill out a questionnaire

Hold a town hall or panel discussion

Letter writing campaign to raise awareness

Conduct public demonstrations

Maple Ridge Town Hall on Fair Elections Act

In case you missed it, there were a series of Town Halls held across the country on the topic of the Fair Elections Act. If you’re curious about the discussion, take a look at the videos below. There were some fantastic speakers discussing the very real and important issues that face our democracy.

Vancouver Civic Election 2008

The charts below represent the percentage of votes received by each party in the 2008 Vancouver civic election and the percentage of seats that they won on City Council.

As usually happens with at-large voting, particularly if slates or parties are involved, the seats awarded are a poor match to the voters intentions.

Vancouver Civic Election 2008 Bar ChartsVancouver Civic Election 2008 Pie Charts

  • Vision and Cope were both significantly over-represented
  • NPA was under-represented
  • Smaller parties and independents were not represented


We’d like to ask you a question…

Dear Fair Vote Canada Members and Supporters,

Fair Vote Canada – Vancouver Chapter is launching the Fair Civic Elections 2014 campaign. Our first step is to ask you for a small favour: your input by completing this short survey. We’ll publish the results and we’ll prioritize the campaign actions based on those results.

The campaign goal is to focus on Metro Vancouver’s civic elections which will take place in mid-November of this year. If you’d like to participate on the organizing committee, or would like to help organize an action, please let us know in the survey!

And of course we’ll keep everyone up to date as the campaign progresses.

Don’t forget to complete the survey!

Thank you!

-Alan, Aliyah, Iain and Les

Town Hall on Bill C-23 – Fair Elections Act

Dear Fair Vote Supporter,

Next Wednesday, MP Don Davies will be holding a hearing discussing the Fair Elections Act. This bill (Bill C-23) has been in the news lately and many organizations have expressed deep concerns about some of the changes it makes to how we will conduct elections in Canada.  

In its press release, Fair Vote Canada highlighted the new rule that would prevent the Chief Electoral Officer from promoting voter participation. The Bill restricts the advertising Elections Canada can issue, so they can no longer tell Canadians to get out and vote.  Instead, they are only permitted to advertise the times and locations of voting sites.

Marc Mayrand, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, spoke strongly against a number of aspects of the Bill when he appeared before the parliamentary committee to review it. One of the most troubling aspects is that it reduces the power of Elections Canada to investigate elections irregularities. In light of their inability to effectively investigate the robocalls complaints made after the last election, Elections Canada has been asking for more investigative power, not less.  

Other organizations opposing this Bill include LeadNow, whose campaign is focused on the voter suppression aspect of the Bill. This is in response to changes in the Bill that strengthen ID requirements and eliminate the practice of vouching, disenfranchising youth, Aboriginal people, and low-income people. 

The NDP opposition requested cross-country hearings on the Bill.  When the government refused, the NDP decided to hold their own series of Town Halls.

Join Fair Vote Canada-Vancouver at this Town Hall event at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. We will have an information booth available and though it is an NDP event, it is open to the general public.

Please pass this message on to any and all that may be interested. Also, join the Facebook event if you would like more information. We hope to see you next Wednesday!

Thank You!

President’s Update January 2014

Click on the image below to view the most recent President’s Update. Sign up for our newsletters to keep up to date!

President's Update Jan 2014

A Breakdown of the 2011 Federal Election BC Results

FVC Vancouver President, Alan Crawford, put together a graph of first and second place winners in the most recent BC provincial election. Not many candidates actually won with 50%+ of the vote. Take a look for yourself.

BC Election

A Small Simulation

With the assistance of Wilf Day, our President, Alan Crawford drew up a great chart simulating the outcome of the 2011 Federal election had a proportional representation process been used. The outcome is quite interesting!

What are your thoughts on the image attached?

Simulated 2011 Federal Election

FVC Vancouver and Democracy Day

We were out and about on Democracy Day handing out our newsletter in front of the Vancouver Public Library. What were you up to on Democracy Day this year?


President’s Update October 2013


The Fair Vote Canada – Vancouver board just held their most recent chapter meeting at the end of September. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to!

President’s Update – October 8, 2013