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May 01

Vote for Proportional Representation to Get Rid of Strategic Voting

Voters who support a particular party should be able to vote freely for that party and expect to have their vote count. Right now in BC there is a public debate about strategic voting, particularly related to the Green Party.  In many ridings the Greens are running third, with little chance that they will win …

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Apr 30

2013 vs. 2017 – What outcome do you expect?

The 2013 Election Resulted in a False Majority As usual, the 2013 BC Election resulted in a majority government on the basis of a minority of the vote. The BC Liberals received 44% of the overall vote which translated into 58% of the seats.  That boost in seats over the actual vote gave the Liberals …

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Mar 12

Report on Annual General Meeting

We would like to thank all members and supporters who attended the 2016 AGM and a special thank you to all those who worked on our various events over the past year.   We had a great turnout again this year for the AGM.  We elected a new board and set up three new action …

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Oct 23

Vancouver Voters Need Fair Representation

As the longest federal election in recent history comes to a close, over 150 000 Vancouver residents find themselves without the elected representative that they wanted. Of course, some parties need to win more than others, but most Canadians should have a local representative who is able and willing to represent their interests in Parliament. …

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May 26

Will Canada Use Proportional Representation After the 2015 Election?

Last week, we hosted a discussion about electoral reform at the Bob Prittie Metrotown library. There was standing-room only for the event, which featured our three gracious panelists, Kennedy Stewart (NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas), Joyce Murray (Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra), and Wes Regan (Green Party candidate for Vancouver East). All three panelists agreed that …

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Feb 05

A Year in Review

The Fair Vote Vancouver AGM is fast approaching and in preparation, we wanted you to know about some of our accomplishments this year. We had an active board in 2014 and we also benefited from the involvement of a number of supporters and volunteers who helped to shape our plans and make them a success. The …

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