Category: Federal Election

Nov 01

What does it mean to make every vote count?

First past the post is long past its prime. It is a system that was only ever intended to represent ridings, not voters.  But in an age when all citizens have the right to vote, we must also ensure that all those votes count by making sure that all voters are equally represented.

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Sep 10

Polls and Electoral Reform

There’s a new Insights West poll out today and it shows that Canadians are divided on the topic of proportional representation. It asked people whether they support a switch at the federal level to Party-List Proportional Representation (41% in favour, 34% opposed) or Single-Transferable Vote (37% in favour, 37% opposed). Here’s a few reasons why …

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Sep 08

Where do the Parties Stand on Electoral Reform?

Although our current electoral system continually distorts the will of the electorate, we have to work with what we have. Fair Vote Canada will be launching the results of its Where They Stand campaign next week and if you’re planning to vote on October 19th, our volunteer Sarah has put together this great primer on …

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Sep 02

Upcoming Panel Discussion at Vancouver Public Library

Fair Vote Vancouver is co-sponsoring an event to discuss electoral reform at the Vancouver Public Library on Sept. 15th. The event will feature panellists from groups such as Leadnow, Generation Squeeze, Equal Voice, UBCC350, and Metro Van Alliance. More info can be found on our events page or RSVP on Facebook. Hope to see you …

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