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Sep 19

Spencer McKay on Vancouver’s Broken Electoral System

Our very own member at large, Spencer Mckay, submitted a piece the the Georgia Straight explaining the faults of our civic electoral system. The big question: our elections may be free, but are they fair? Spencer puts it best when he says, “Vancouver can’t afford to be a first-class city with a second-rate democracy.” Read more about why …

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Sep 16

Fair Civic Election Kick Off Success!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our kick off event at 33 Acres Brewing Company on International Democracy Day! We were so happy to meet some new faces and share our campaign goals with you. COPE Mayoral candidate, Meena Wong, also made it out to the event to show …

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Sep 15

Happy International Democracy Day and Fair Civic Election Kick Off Day!

Welcome to the 2014 Fair Civic Elections Campaign! We are so thrilled to be kicking off our campaign on International Democracy Day. Thanks to you and your survey responses, we’ve been working hard to put some of your ideas in action and make an impact this Vancouver civic election period. It all starts on today, …

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Sep 12

What’s the fuss with PR?

You might be asking, what’s all the fuss about PR? Why is proportional representation better than first past the post on a civic level? The problem is that with slate or party votes in an at-large system, a plurality of voters can easily result in a landslide for one party. This is very clear in …

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Sep 11

How Vancouver got it wrong in 2011

The chart below shows the result of 2011 Vancouver Civic election. The blue bar represents the percentage of the vote received by each party, and the orange bar represents the percentage of the seats on City Council. This graph clearly shows the unpredictability of the relationship of votes to seats. In some cases, the seats are …

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Jul 10

Let’s get our candidates talking!

We are actively planning the Fair Civic Elections 2014 campaign with the goal to Make Every Vote Count in our Civic Elections. In May, we conducted a survey asking you for your input about how we can make a difference.  In June, we had a Meetup in Vancouver where a number of interested Fair Vote …

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Jun 30

FVC Vancouver Meetup and pub night!

We had so much fun at our first Meetup! Thank you to the Whip for hosting us. We had a turnout of over 20 people and we spent the evening chatting about politics, the state of our city, and just getting to know other PR supporters in Vancouver! We’re excited to have more so please …

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May 22

The Results are in!

We had an overwhelming response to the survey we sent out last month and we wanted to share with you what we’ve learned. We had nearly 500 responses to our survey and it seems many of you are keen to get involved. Over all you are interested in four things: 1.  Media attention. Get into the media regularly. Get columnists on­ our side. Use social media. 2. Political campaigns. Get politicians to state their opinions on PR. Get …

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May 01

Maple Ridge Town Hall on Fair Elections Act

In case you missed it, there were a series of Town Halls held across the country on the topic of the Fair Elections Act. If you’re curious about the discussion, take a look at the videos below. There were some fantastic speakers discussing the very real and important issues that face our democracy.

Apr 30

Vancouver Civic Election 2008

The charts below represent the percentage of votes received by each party in the 2008 Vancouver civic election and the percentage of seats that they won on City Council. As usually happens with at-large voting, particularly if slates or parties are involved, the seats awarded are a poor match to the voters intentions. Vision and …

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