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Sep 08

Where do the Parties Stand on Electoral Reform?

Although our current electoral system continually distorts the will of the electorate, we have to work with what we have. Fair Vote Canada will be launching the results of its Where They Stand campaign next week and if you’re planning to vote on October 19th, our volunteer Sarah has put together this great primer on …

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Sep 02

Upcoming Panel Discussion at Vancouver Public Library

Fair Vote Vancouver is co-sponsoring an event to discuss electoral reform at the Vancouver Public Library on Sept. 15th. The event will feature panellists from groups such as Leadnow, Generation Squeeze, Equal Voice, UBCC350, and Metro Van Alliance. More info can be found on our events page or RSVP on Facebook. Hope to see you …

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May 26

Will Canada Use Proportional Representation After the 2015 Election?

Last week, we hosted a discussion about electoral reform at the Bob Prittie Metrotown library. There was standing-room only for the event, which featured our three gracious panelists, Kennedy Stewart (NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas), Joyce Murray (Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra), and Wes Regan (Green Party candidate for Vancouver East). All three panelists agreed that …

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Feb 09

Calling new board members!

Join us for our AGM and help make 2015 the last unfair election! We are seeking new board members and volunteers. If you like what we’re doing, or even if you don’t like what we’re doing, please join us! Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Time: 7PM to 9PM Location: Mount Pleasant Community Centre Address: 1 Kingsway, …

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Feb 05

A Year in Review

The Fair Vote Vancouver AGM is fast approaching and in preparation, we wanted you to know about some of our accomplishments this year. We had an active board in 2014 and we also benefited from the involvement of a number of supporters and volunteers who helped to shape our plans and make them a success. The …

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Nov 17

Vancouver Civic Election 2014 if We Voted with PR

If the Vancouver Civic Election had been held under a proportional electoral system, the results would have looked quite different. On a party level, the actual results looked like this: NPA got a slightly higher overall vote than Vision at 33% vs. 32%. The Greens and COPE received 13% and 12% respectively. Other minor parties and …

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Nov 17

A Misrepresentative City Council – Is Your Voice Truly Heard?

In a city as diverse as Vancouver, the value of  proportional representation in civic elections is to ensure that all members of our communities are represented on council. How can city council make decisions that properly reflect the wishes of the community if the community is not properly represented? It can’t. It should be obvious that …

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Nov 13

What does PR mean in a Civic Election?

Proportional representation can get complicated, but we’d like to narrow the discussion for you. There are two main proportional voting systems that have been discussed for Vancouver’s civic elections. Both are mentioned in Justice Thomas Berger’s Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission report from 2004, and they are STV and MMP. Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP) is …

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Oct 19

Wards. The no-good plurality alternative.

Did you know that Vancouver has attempted to change its electoral system five times since 1973? And not once has the system actually changed. Depending on your temperament, you might think that the matter should be settled by now or that Vancouver is plagued by a persistently bad electoral system that continues to mobilize new …

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Oct 02

Scotland, Women, & Proportional Representation

In light of the recent Scottish Independence Referendum, we thought we would evaluate their electoral system given that since 1999, they have elected members to their own Parliament using the MMP voting system while electing its representatives to Westminster using first past the post. This provides a perfect comparison for those of us interested seeing how proportional representation and first …

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