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May 01

Proportional Voting Would Create a Different Dynamic for Voters

Imagine you support one of the three main parties and would like to vote for that party.  In your riding, one candidate has been chosen to run for that party.  Maybe you like that candidate and maybe you don’t like them that much, but that’s your only choice.  So you go ahead and vote for …

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May 01

Vote for Proportional Representation to Get Rid of Strategic Voting

Voters who support a particular party should be able to vote freely for that party and expect to have their vote count. Right now in BC there is a public debate about strategic voting, particularly related to the Green Party.  In many ridings the Greens are running third, with little chance that they will win …

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Apr 30

2013 vs. 2017 – What outcome do you expect?

The 2013 Election Resulted in a False Majority As usual, the 2013 BC Election resulted in a majority government on the basis of a minority of the vote. The BC Liberals received 44% of the overall vote which translated into 58% of the seats.  That boost in seats over the actual vote gave the Liberals …

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Mar 12

Report on Annual General Meeting

We would like to thank all members and supporters who attended the 2016 AGM and a special thank you to all those who worked on our various events over the past year.   We had a great turnout again this year for the AGM.  We elected a new board and set up three new action …

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Feb 12

Annual General Meeting – 2016

Come to our Annual General Meeting and join the campaign for PR in 2019! Participate in the election of a new board for Fair Vote Vancouver or join a Local Action Team and get directly involved in the campaign for voting system reform. Date: Thursday February 25th Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm Place: Roundhouse Community …

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Dec 31

A referendum is beside the point

The debate we should be having on electoral reform has been sidetracked by the question of whether a referendum is needed to approve a change to the voting system.  Proponents of the referendum make the principled claim that the voting system should not be the plaything of any political party, and should only be changed …

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Dec 03

Be Part Of The Strategy

  The Liberal Party campaign promise to “Make Every Vote Count” is very positive for the Fair Vote movement.  It’s a clear recognition of the core problem with our current winner-take-all voting system, which is that the outcome of our elections, i.e. parliament, is not a good representation of the true diversity of our opinion …

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Nov 01

What does it mean to make every vote count?

First past the post is long past its prime. It is a system that was only ever intended to represent ridings, not voters.  But in an age when all citizens have the right to vote, we must also ensure that all those votes count by making sure that all voters are equally represented.

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Oct 23

Vancouver Voters Need Fair Representation

As the longest federal election in recent history comes to a close, over 150 000 Vancouver residents find themselves without the elected representative that they wanted. Of course, some parties need to win more than others, but most Canadians should have a local representative who is able and willing to represent their interests in Parliament. …

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Sep 10

Polls and Electoral Reform

There’s a new Insights West poll out today and it shows that Canadians are divided on the topic of proportional representation. It asked people whether they support a switch at the federal level to Party-List Proportional Representation (41% in favour, 34% opposed) or Single-Transferable Vote (37% in favour, 37% opposed). Here’s a few reasons why …

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