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The Board

President - Jason McLaren


Vice President - Keith Poore
Keith recently moved to Vancouver after graduating from the University of Guelph in Ontario, where he was part of the Ranked Ballot movement. He is a mathematical modeler of diseases, and social justice and open source advocate.


Treasurer - Les Brown
Les is a retired guy who has been working to promote electoral reform, specifically proportional representation, for about 20 years. In his opinion, our current “first past the post” electoral method is fundamentally undemocratic, out of date, and must be replaced. He is proud to be associated with the excellent Vancouver Chapter of Fair Vote Canada. Please join us.


Member-at-Large - Jana Rayne MacDonald
Zahara is in her third year of pursuing a political science degree at the University of British Columbia. Zahara wants to see the electoral system change as she believes it could be more democratic and a proportional system would restore much-needed trust in and legitimacy of our governments, at all levels.


Member-at-Large - Janet Hudgins
Janet Hudgins is a life-long activist, scribe and student recently graduating with a degree in Political Science from UBC. As a social justice advocate, Janet has supported, promoted Canadian, international grass roots organizations and NGOs which promulgate equality and education in democratic systems.


Member-at-Large - Mark Mitchell


Member-at-Large - Iain Macanulty