Party Platforms on Proportional Representation

In this election, both the NDP and the Green Party have made a commitment to change the voting system – to make it more fair by ensuring that every vote counts towards electing a representative.

The Liberals say that the status quo is good enough and there’s no need for change.  This is laughable.  This is exactly the same argument they’re making about political party finance rules and for exactly the same self-serving reason:  the current rules are entirely to their benefit.  But they are not to the benefit of voters.  We need to have our finance rules amended so that big money does not have undue influence, and we need to have our seat assignment rules fixed so that the number of seats held by each party in the legislature is a fair representation of that party’s support in the popular vote.

There are many ways to do this and Fair Vote Canada does not advocate any particular one over the others.

Read the NDP platform here and the Green platform here.

We also have interviews with John Horgan and Andrew Weaver conducted by Fair Vote Canada’s Victoria Chapter.

See interview with John Horgan here, and interview with Andrew Weaver here.

If either or both of these parties are able to form government, it will be the strongest government commitment to PR in BC history.

It’s past time to end the distorted and unfair outcomes of first past the post and establish a voting system that results in a Legislature that reflects the wishes of BC voters.

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