Will Canada Use Proportional Representation After the 2015 Election?

Last week, we hosted a discussion about electoral reform at the Bob Prittie Metrotown library. There was standing-room only for the event, which featured our three gracious panelists, Kennedy Stewart (NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas), Joyce Murray (Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra), and Wes Regan (Green Party candidate for Vancouver East).

All three panelists agreed that the current electoral system is having negative effects on Canadian democracy, but each proposed a different solution to the problem.

Wes Regan noted that the Green party will support the implementation of proportional representation and suggested that it’s counterproductive to get bogged down in the particular details too early.

Joyce Murray argued that it would be undemocratic to impose a particular type of electoral reform on the populace without consultation and suggested that a Liberal government would study the matter before making a specific proposal.

Kennedy Stewart contended that the NDP are making this election a referendum on proportional representation by promising in their plaform to implement mixed-member proportional elections at the federal level if the NDP wins a majority government.

A full house with excellent questions!

Video of the event will be posted shortly.


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