A Year in Review

The Fair Vote Vancouver AGM is fast approaching and in preparation, we wanted you to know about some of our accomplishments this year. We had an active board in 2014 and we also benefited from the involvement of a number of supporters and volunteers who helped to shape our plans and make them a success. The strength and influence of our organization is a direct result of the involvement of our supporters and volunteers.

We began the year by creating an online survey which received about 600 responses, and followed this up with two Meetups in the Spring and Summer which were attended by around 20 people each ( and it not the same group of people at each meeting!).

We increased our social media reach by setting up a new Twitter account which has so far attracted 150 followers.

We also created a new web site (complete with custom Fair Vote Vancouver logo!) which focused on the Vancouver civic election. The web site includes a blog on PR related topics and a page showing support from a number of Vancouver civic candidates.
Many thanks to the volunteers who helped build and maintain the web site and also to those who met with candidates to ask them about PR. Quotes from a number of candidates in support of PR can be found here.

During the civic election we had op-ed articles about PR published in The Georgia Straight, The Province, and on Samara Canada’s website.

We also created an email list of local opinion leaders and asked for their help to keep PR in the news.

Other activities during the year included visits by many Metro Van FVC supporters to visit federal MPs to discuss PR. We participated in several events in opposition to Bill C-23 (The Unfair Elections Act). We organized a meeting with a visiting MP from Northern Ireland who spoke about the use of STV in their elections. In cooperation with the Surrey chapter we presented a lecture on PR at the Fraser Valley University.

Fair Vote Vancouver’s annual general meeting is scheduled for February 25th. Look for an official announcement in the next few days. This is an opportunity for you as a Fair Vote Canada supporter to have a voice in the running of your local chapter. Please attend the AGM: ask questions, offer advice, volunteer, or run for election to the board of directors.

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