Candidates Agree on Proportional Representation

Candidates from five different parties all support a system of proportional representation that would better represent voters and strengthen local democracy.

Throughout the campaign, several candidates have noted that voters are tired of “unbalanced” city councils that are dominated by strong majorities and can ignore the desires of many constituents. Proportional representation would minimize these issues.Electing a council that supports proportional representation could make this the last unfair civic election. 

Fair Vote Canada’s Vancouver chapter has been asking candidates to sign the Fair Vote Civic Elections Pledge. Despite their disagreement about many other issues, candidates aligned with the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), the Cedar Party, the Green Party, the Non-Partisan Association (NPA), and Vision Vancouver have all voiced their support for electoral reform.

The President of Fair Vote Canada’s Vancouver chapter, Iain Macanulty, says “We’re encouraged to see candidates supporting an electoral system that protects democracy and we encourage the rest of the candidates to join them by signing our Fair Vote Civic Elections Pledge”.



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