How Vancouver got it wrong in 2011

The chart below shows the result of 2011 Vancouver Civic election. The blue bar represents the percentage of the vote received by each party, and the orange bar represents the percentage of the seats on City Council.

This graph clearly shows the unpredictability of the relationship of votes to seats. In some cases, the seats are higher than the vote and in other cases they are lower.

The NPA only received 2 seats for their 38% of the vote, whereas Vision received 7 seats for their 36% of the vote. COPE, with 11% of the vote did not get a seat on Council, whereas the Green Party got a seat with 4% of the vote.

As a council of 10 members, a proportional result should award a seat for every 10% of the vote.

However, this is far from the case. The reason for all these results is the at-large voting system.

2011 Elections Results

The pie chart shows the under-representation of the NPA which received more of the total vote than Vision, yes only won two seats on Council, whereas Vision won a majority. COPE was shut out of the seats in spite of receiving 11% of the total vote, whereas the Green party won a seat with only 4% of the total vote.

All the vote totals are affected by the number of candidates each party chooses to run in the election.

2011 Election Results Pie Charts

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